Zorya is a shiny Larvesta, only a newborn currently. D-Rank, Level 1. She has shimmering emerald eyes and white fur over much of her body, and six black legs. Five golden horns protrude from the fur in a semi-circle formation on her neck. She also possesses a 'good luck charm' given to her by Papyrus.

She is the reincarnated form of Nightshade.


Zorya is a little shy towards strangers, but warms(literally) quickly towards them. She is extremely affectionate and loves all forms of love, mainly snuggling. Her warm body is very proficient for this.



  • He is her adopted father, yet the Larvesta harbors leftover feelings from her past incarnation. She refers to him as "Papa Papyrus" at an older age.


  • As of the moment the two babies are being raised side by side, like siblings. They can't really have opinions of each other yet.


  • Zorya is the 'Golden Sun', literally. This adds into an important plot line later in the story.