History Edit

Xaiver has been trained in the art of sword fighting ever since he was old enough to hold one. he always remembers his dad teaching how just how to handle one, polish one, and fight with one. when he was 7 he went into advanced training at a sword fighting academy. he became extremely good at handling a great sword, and did very well in the academy. The academy was then attacked by a demon huanter, and none of the sword fighters there were ready to match up to its twisted tactics. Xaiver then realized not everyone had the same fighting style, and that demons were a huge threat. he trained himself to be prepared for any situation, and learned multiple attack and defense methods to be prepared. by the time he was 16, he set out away from his hometown in search of demons, making him a demon hunter. He is currently lvl 86.

Personality Edit

Xaiver is a usually cheerful pokemon, except for when someone is bugging him. he tries to be as polite as he can, and if the doesn't work he resorts to violence. Xaiver cane become very determined to do something, and will stop at nothing until what he needs to do is complete. Although he's a pretty smart pokemon, he sometimes mistakes a normal pokemon for a demon, but to be fair those pokemon are usually bad.

Relationships Edit

Meiyumi: Xaiver is a Togekiss Xaiver befriended in Fire Country. she helped him get to Terra town, and can be a little flirtatious. However they're still good friends.

Painite: Xaiver met Painite the Tyrunt, another demon hunter, while fighting Bismuth and Amethyst in Aqua town. Painite told him about a whole nother force of demon hunter's in training, and is helping him out.