Both the Veroyn Village and Veroian language were made by WhiteWolfHarmany246, I hope this explains the strangeness of the language.

Veroyn Village Edit

Veroyn(vair-oin) Village is a small village in the Hidden Country that is surrounded by mountains and fields. Veroyn is also a combination of two Veroian words, verri(very) and mouyn(muh-oin). Verri translates to field while mouyn means mountain. The village before everyone was kill was pretty peaceful and didn't know of any other towns or cities. Communication with any Veroian pokemon today is very difficult as Veroians can't learn new languages easily at all. Today Veroyn Village is completely abandoned with no traces of the former occupants there but dried blood.

Veroian Edit

Veroian is the language that pokemon from Veroyn speak. The words are all fairly short most ranging from 2-7 letters and only one single letter words and only a few that pass 8 letters. Names are often Veroian words mixed together (ex. Ferucal means "Fear the wolf") or just a single Veroian word (ex. Calaw means "Wolf"). The words also sound strange. Very, very strange.

Random Facts Edit

  • The language is completely made up so many words are not translated, but due to the average letter count of words it's not difficult at all to make them.
  • Only Ferucal is known to know Veroian.
  • A few translations: Hello = Hei(hey) Bye = Byeeo(bee-oh) Thank you = Tan-uyo(tan yo) How are you? = Woh arreh uyo?(Woah are-ay yo) I am fine = E uo finu(ee oo fin-oo) Yes = Yei(yey) No = Noo(no)