Description: Edit

The Dark Army is a large mainly bug army led by Grim and his two co-leaders Duchess Vespiquen and General Bergmite. It is based in a 50 floor labyrinth dungeon owned by Grim. It has its own master fighters group made up of Beedrill and Scizor that can Mega Evolve. It has a slave policy allowing people to be forced servants. The Labyrinth is just outside of anywhere a continent could claim ownership of.

Duchess Vespiquen Edit

Ruler of the majority of the army and a ex-aristocrat. She is in charge mostly of funds and moral. She spends her days lounging in her mansion she had built while slaves feed her. Very lazy. Level: 63

General Bergmite Edit

Young and Rash but built the army. He was with Grim during the Snow wars of 2016. After escaping a near defeat he went on and built a real army. He later met Grim and gave control to him.

Uno and Dos Edit

Grim's personal guards. Both A-Rank Beedrill's with the ability to mega evolve. They helped rescue Mala and do everything Grim says.

Lord Scizor Edit

S-Rank Scizor in the Dark Army. Rules a part of the Dark Army.