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The Council Of Ersatz is a international secret council governed by most of the strongest Pokemon in the world. The council is lead by the clan leaders of all Pseudo Legendary Pokemon. While they have a lot of power the Legendary Pokemon severely restrict them. One time they rebelled only to be attacked by Zygarde, Xerneus, and Yveltal. If it wasn't for Gamma and Team Orichalcum defeating Zygarde they might have not lived to today. The longer they are ignored the more they hate the Gods....

Members Edit

Head Council Leader Drakerex- Level 100, Male, Dragonite. Drakerex is the strongest among the council members and also the wisest. He however often gets blinded by his thirst for power.

Co Leader Zeta- Level 100, Female, Tyranitar. Zeta is the second strongest in the group. She is smarter than most believe and can be just as uncaring as she can be caring. Council Member Hollen is her Father-In-Law and his son Gamma is her husband. She and Gamma also have a estranged son named Grim. She spends more time fixing the council then with her family.

Council Member Hollen- Level 100, Male, Haxorus. Hollen is the polar opposite of his son and grandson. He is loving and very meek. His voice doesn't reach out much in the council. His son is Gamma and Daughter-In-Law is the Co Leader Zeta. He has never met his grandson, Grim.

Temporary Member Deedlo- Level 69, Female, Lopunny. She isn't really much of a council member more of a nuisance. Despite being removed multiple times she always gets back in. She is said to be quite beautiful.

Council Member Slimely- Level 99, Male, Goodra. He is the weakest of the council members. His clumsiness and frightened nature makes him the most annoying member. He is very forgetful. He tries hard however.

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Pokemon still needed: Salamance, Metagross, Garchomp, and Hydreigon.