History Edit

Team PikoPiko is a small team made of three members that isnt very well know, though they hope to become known. The name sounded stupid to the team leader, but he went with it cause he got to be in charge.

Members Edit

Chack the Sudowoodo - Chack is the Leader of Team PikoPiko, and is the is the main fighter for the team, wielding his Gem Hammer. He has a very soldier like personality

Zen - Zen is a 4th dimensional bieng, the strongest of the group, but he is a pacifist, therfore making Chack the strongest. He fumbles around alot.

Alma the Phanpy - Alma is the laid back bubbly one of the group, she and Zen vote on stuff that Chack usually doesn tlike, for istance the team name, PikoPiko.