Intro Edit

Hey guys! BunnyDragon8 here, and I'm making this page for my team, Team Light.

There have been some members on the team, some removed and some forgotten. I'm going to speak about it's past, and any existing characters. Some people left the group (and therefor the team) so I'll be speaking as if they weren't around (sorry guys, if you come back you can edit this though).

Team Members Edit

These are the current team members! I think...





Team Backstory Edit

Oh boy...

The team began with Amber and Rogue (there were others but their characters aren't in the rp anymore). They couldn't decide on a leader so they work together. Later, Amber found a fossil and revived it. The fossil turned out to be Wave, who joined the team. Wave soon found Winter as a fossil and revived her. She joined the team as well. Wave evolved in the team base while training so they had to build a new one, which in the end looked better than the old one. Amber and Rogue do most of the missions though, they're still a team.

There's more backstory stuff but... That should probably be another page seeing that this place goes very far back and I'm not as active as I'd like to be these days so I dunno what's going on anymore.

I will update if anything important happens to this team. Not that much does with me anymore. T_T Just kidding...or am I?