Tari is a small, female C-Rank Electrike, aged 17, who used to be a member of The Royal Thieves. Her fur is shorter and fluffier than an average Electrike. She also has blue eyes, which stand out among her green and yellow fur. She joined Team Centia for money profits and so to erase her questionable criminal past.


Tari is a bit of a tsundere, warming slowly towards strangers and often being aggressive. After time she'll begin to show a nicer side of herself. She's actually not as bad as most assume.



  • The two are teammates in Team Centia, but she refuses to call the Shuppet her friend. She barely tolerates his sadistic natures and fetishes. He's the last one she'd lay her life down for.


  • Tari often questions the leader of Team Centia, and will often insult Valohenki, Genevieve's 'boyfriend', as well. They still get along sometimes though.

Valohenki- See above.


  • Tari generally pretends Corma doesn't even exist, and tries to avoid him most of the time.

Other Guild Members-

  • She doesn't really care for them too much.