Description Edit

Stalkers Anonymous is a magazine made by a group of stalkers that is very popular. It has the best stalking locations, food to eat while stalking, and even who to stalk. It seems to have reached Issue #623 and is wondered how that many magazines have been filled with new stalking stories. One of the Earth Guild Members Grim is actually a low ranked member of it and has posted 7 articles of unknown targets and also has been stalked by one of the higher ups in the organization beforehand. Its Ironic that the group is called Anonymous due to everyone in the group knowing each other by name and more...

Members: Edit

Miss Magi: Female Mismagius level 75. Is the leader of the group and creator. She is extreme level stalker and actually has entered more forbidden places then even the people allowed in them.

Netti: Female Banette Level 45. She was the one who originally stalked Grim and recruited him to the group. She has a very close bond with Grim which most believe is just Stockholm syndrome. She is in her mega form as much as possible.

Grim:Male Lavitar Level 29 Low level member with much promise. He was actually the target of Netti before finally noticing her and being invited to the group. He now is low level and has posted numerous articles in the magazine.

Watto: Male Dewott Level 32 and Grim's senior. He is a klutz though and always has interesting and just plain weird articles.

Lad: Male Gallade Level 43. The lowest of the higher ups and also one of the most loved. His articles on stalking females surprisingly gets him a lot of love from them after he exaggerates their appearance. He is very professional at times and other just a complete moron.