These are two Fanmade pokemon made by ShadowKyuubi, the owner.

IMG 1081


  1. Bug/Steel Type
  2. Stats- Base stat total; 320, HP; 80, Attack; 60, Defense; 80, Special Attack; 40, Special Defense; 40, Speed; 20
  3. This small spider Pokémon has a body hard as steel, and can spin a thin metal thread which it uses in making webs to live and catch prey in.
    IMG 1074


  • Bug/Steel Type
    IMG 1076
  • Stats- Base stat total; 450, HP; 110, Attack; 90, Defense; 110, Special Attack; 50, Special Defense; 50, Speed; 40
  • This enormous spider Pokémon has a steel-hard body despite it's soft exterior, and can spin webs with thread durable as metal. The large protruding legs on its back are not used for walking, but instead used to attack its prey.

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