Dear child... Are you lost? Maybe you should turn back... But.... IT'S TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW!!!


Spectator Joltik is a reoccurring gag character existing within the multiverse, granted the power only and solely to watch and never truly interact with the universes. He can, however, enter any world or RP at any time. He may also speak telepathically on occasion, but not very often.

That was then... Now I'm free...

True DescriptionEdit

Joltik, or properly named Orochi, Devourer of Universes is a being of infinite power, manifesting in the mind of human beings such as the one he has controlled to write this. A small bit of his power can crush worlds like twigs. At maximum power nothing could possibly hope to harm him.


Who needs one?

Not being actually real, Joltik does not show much of a personality, though he has grown to love shipping and is a massive pervert. He also latches onto some individuals he likes more than others and stalks them throughout their entire lives, past, present and future. He also enjoys bloodsport and taunting his foes, often by giving them a chance at victory and then tearing any chance of victory away as he ends their lives.


Joltik is the embodyment of all things creepy, dirty, and wrong with human beings. Based loosely off of Jay's messed up thoughts.