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Snowflake is very happy-go-lucky and sweet, but often not very bright. Many forms of puns, suggestive ideas and sexual themes, and sarcasm all go over her head. She takes things literally.

She's very niave, and does not even understand the concept of 'death'(Her parents are on a prolonged holiday to her).


Snowflake is a 8-year-old Vulpix(An Alola variant), standing much smaller in height than an average one. She is extremely fluffy, with dark indigo eyes, and her 'hair' curls up. Her fur is a snow-white color, but lighter blue in some areas.

She often is seen wearing a sun hat that she was gifted, and pink bows to go with it.


  • Snowflake is an orphan, as both her parents were killed by Onyx in the capital during October, 2030.
  • She lives with [[Verum]] and Zero at their place, refering to both as her parents.
  • Verum she calls 'Daddy'.
  • Zero she calls 'Father'.
  • Nihil runs the orphanage she lived in, and she is the only capital-calamity orphan who lived there, as the Type: Null had plans regarding her, those being finding her a home with Verum.