Description Edit

Shedinja or Nin as her two team mates sometimes call her is a Shedinja. Even though most Shedinja are genderless she is an exception. Shedinja doesn't have many emotions at all and talks robotic like.

Relationships Edit

Azumarill Edit

Azumarill and Shedinja are seen as very close friends, but before Shedinja began speaking on her own Azumarill would mostly talk for her and most of the time Shedinja is never thinking what Azu says.

Escavlier Edit

Just like with Azumarill these two are seen as close friends, even though the two rarely talk together.

History Edit

Like all Shedinja, Shedinja is the skin of a pokemon who's name was Nin. However, Nin, who was a part of Azu and Escava's team, died as soon as Shedinja came to be. The two are the exact same and Azu and Escava say that Shedinja is Nin, just barely saved.

Random facts Edit

  • Shedinja has no facts for now :3