By law, Pokemon are all ranked accordingly by the following Ranks, according to their level.


  • This refers to any Pokemon under Level 21, basically Level 1 through 20. They are generally very weak or young Pokemon, not much of a threat.


  • Pokemon under this rank are a little more dangerous, between Levels 21 and 40. They can pose a threat and even kill if strong enough.


  • Any ranked this high are between Levels 41 and 60, and are considered a decent threat, able to kill many other Pokemon if they want. Dangerous.


  • Between Levels 61 and 80, any Pokemon classified under this rank are very dangerous, and not to be taken lightly, sometimes strong enough to kill even without intention.


  • Very few Pokemon are this strong, and those that are are EXTREMELY deadly. They can kill with ease and are, against weaker Pokemon at least, practically unstoppable. Luna is known to be one example of an S-Rank murderer.