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Pix is a female Vulpix/Ninetales fusion around the age of eight. She has nine tails and her "hair" is Ninetales style. This mutation was caused by something in the air going around infecting eggs, those with more than one evolution would start to mutate into that if not treated before mutation which would occur in one week. Eggs that began to mutate were not aloud the cure but Pix's parents managed to steal it and stopped the mutating half-way through. As she was mutating she also began to turn into part shiny. Pix use to be uncomfortable with how she looked even with her sister with her until she met Ocean ad Graylight who helped her become comfortable. Pix is energetic and curious like Graylight.

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Pixel Edit

Pix loves her sister a lot, Pixel helped protect her when they ran away from the Hidden Country and comforted her when she didn't feel comfortable. In return Pix helps Pixel with her eyes which seem to have some strange disease going on.

Ocean Edit

Pix likes Ocean because the Vaporeon is kind and doesn't care what a pokemon looks like. Pix wants to help protect Ocean when she's older in return for all the nice things she's done.

Graylight Edit

Pix likes Graylight a lot. She likes how he was kind to her and found her mutation cute. Pix and Graylight have done so many things together since they met and are almost never seen apart. Pix has a crush on Graylight but doesn't understand it due to being very young and not understanding love in that way.

Spirit(Zorua) Edit

Pix likes to teach the baby Zorua new things when he comes to be babysat by Ocean. She comforts him when he's sad and likes to play games with him and Graylight.

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Pix has no random facts at the moment :3