Peridot Edit

Peridot is a green noibat that comes from a smart race of green noibat in Fire Country. Her Parents or Percullia and Dom. Peridot is very smart, leanrign alot of what she know's from her mom and dad. She is 27 years old and is lvl 38. Despite her lvl, she is pretty good in battle, because she builds her own weapons and robot's for battle. Some of her best inventions are PDN2.0, Or Perry as she calls it, who is a robotic Pidgeot, formerly a robotic Noibat and Spinarak.(They still keep those bodies) Perry is also one of Peridot's closest friends, as he is one of her first machine's built. She also built her head disruptor, Bubble gun, icer, and her lastest invention, the PP1.0, or Pearl, and it's a robotic suit of armor which she gave a a client of her's, Poppon. She is apart of Team Convert.

Personality Edit

Peridot is a very snobby and self-loving person, always thinking she is the best at everything she does.She doesn't like giving credit to the leader of her team, Scourge, who is also an inventor. She takes things very seriously to a certain exttent, and although she wouldn't admit it, she cares very much for her friends and teammates.

Relationships Edit