Description Edit

Midnight, called Eon as a fake name, is a female shiny A rank Umbreon with an unknown age. She leads the magnigate exploration team made up of herself and her husband Bolt, as well as a Pokemon paleontology and archeology study. She has ruffled fur and a purple scarf.

Relationship Edit

Bolt: Her loving husband. He is a Jolteon with a red scarf.

Wave: A shiny Tyrantrum she helped raise as a young eevee.

Mys: One of the three eevees Midnight have. She is now a Sylveon traveling far away. She hasn't been seen in a long time.

Tery: The second eevee Midnight had. She is now a Vaporeon who is living in the ocean.

Sci: The third eevee Midnight had. He is now a Leafeon who was 'killed'. He actually got sent to the human world to be what his mother couldn't be.

Echo: Young half shiny, half non shiny female Noibat who accompanies her on her trip away from home. The two are best friends. A few years later, Echo evolved into a Noivern and had a son named Loci.

Carbon: She has met Carbon before, when he murdured almost everyone on her exploration trip in the Fire Guild. Ever since she got to know him better, he has become one of her close friends. He is a 'half-demon'.

Sage: She met Sage when the Flygon was defending a magnigate. Since then, they have become close friends.

Fern: She met Fern when she saved Midnight from being killed by a rampaging joltik demon. Fern is an angel.

History Edit

She was found as an eevee who fell out of the sky many years ago. She founded her own team, Team Nature, but her teammates left her for anot her team which they thought was stronger. She soon met Bolt, a young Jolteon, and they became best friends. They explored a mystery dungeon once and found magnigates, fossils, and things that sparked their interest, so they created a reaserch team. A few months later, they evolved and fought in the war where Luna first appeared. Soon, she was critically injured and was presumed dead for months, until she was healed again thanks to Bolt who never gave up on her. Both of them discovered many mystery dungeons, and after that, they had three eggs which hatched.

Fun Facts! Edit

She was originally a regular Pokemon with a trainer. Edit

She was originally going to evolve into an Espeon or a Leafeon, but an Umbreon form suited her better.

She has almost died 6 times.

She trains in secret, hiding away from her husband, since she still hasn't gotten that fighting part out of her system, and secretly wants her trainer to come back.

Her old friends in the human world were an Axew, a Beldum, a Gaptly, a Froakie, and a Treeko.