Description Edit

Melody is a naturally coloured female Meloetta. Level when not controlled: 43. Controlled: 80. Her age is unknown as she said once that she used to sing songs to Veroians a hundred or so years ago, but after her awakening she seems to be around 16 or so. Her age is questionable, just like Luck the Zoroarks is. Her personality is... strange. Before her awakening she seemed to be calm and peaceful but now she is sassy and bitchy and makes a few sexual jokes here and there.

Relationships Edit

Zan Edit

Zan and Melody don't really get along too well as they get into fights often. Melody thinks he could be okay if he calmed down once in a while.

Rita Edit

Melody likes Rita, she just doesn't like it when she calls her "husband" a murderous ghost thing. The two seem to be getting along decently though

Trubbish Edit

Melody doesn't really like Trubbish, or as she calls him, Shitbag, because he's very whiny and smells horrible.

Cher Edit

The two haven't talked at all since so far Cher has been knocked out since Melody returned to normal. Melody will probably find her plain, but kind of cute.

Rhyperior Edit

Melody likes to make sexual jokes with this 70 or so year old Rhyperior. That's all.

History Edit


Random Facts Edit

  • Her personality was never originally of what it is now, but it stuck after a little joke on a game. It also makes her more interesting... kind of?
  • Melody speaks both English and Veroian.

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