• The justice cavaliers are a team in the Wave Guild, comprised of three(four) Pokemon; The Braixen twins and Stahl/Bonnie.

They all fight side by side and mainly execute criminal missions, rarely doing much else than fighting.

Nishiki the BraixenEdit

  • Nishiki is the unofficial leader of the Justice Cavaliers, fighting alongside his elder twin sister. He's often teased about being shorter and younger than his sister. He is a better fighter, however. Though preferring to fight unarmed, he does on occasion wield Bonnie in battle.
  • He's very cocky and valiant, fighting for what he believes to be right, which is why he named their team such. On bad days he's a real stick in the mud, making everybody else feel depressed as well, effectively lowering the entire team's morale to get anything done.

Sala the BraixenEdit

  • Nishiki's twin sister, Sala, is the swordstress of the cavaliers, wielding Stahl in battle, sometimes with Bonnie. She excels in unarmed combat, sword art, and accurately wields a handmade Yumi as well. She loves to tease her twin brother because he's shorter and younger than she.
  • Sala is a little flirty and clueless at times, but still kind and sympathetic when it matters. She loves to also make jokes and will tease her foes on the battlefield. She only gets sad when her brother is sad, and will cry a lot when this happens. Sala also uses any means she has to get her way, including flirting, threatening, and on occasion, torture.

Stahl/Bonnie the DoubladeEdit

  • Stahl is the weapon of the group, but he is still respected thoroughly by Sala and Nishiki. After evolving, he became two swords, and they all nicknamed the second one 'Bonnie'. Bonnie is just an extension of Stahl, referred to as female even though technically male. Stahl is wielded by Sala in battle, and Bonnie will choose either Sala or Nishiki, usually the former.
  • Stahl is dangerous both mentally and physically. His foul mouth and temper will often sting more than his blade, insulting everybody he doesn't know. He only gets along with the other members of the Justice Cavaliers. Bonnie is mindless, making her a better approach, though she only says what Stahl does.