Jadeite Edit

Description Edit

Jadeite is a female Larvitar who wears a bandana with a mega stone implimented. She is LV.45, and whenever she gets into a battle, she glows like she's about to evolve, so battling is extremly harsh for her. She has a lot of mysteries about herself that she and Spinel have in common, but don't reveal to anyone else. She doesn't eat much, but when she stumbles upon a mountain, she gets hypnotic and tries to eat it like a regular Larvitar, but is stopped by Spinel. She is a stranger green than other Larvitars, more like the stone she is named after. Edit

Personality Edit

Jadeite is a mysterious Larvitar who keeps secrets for herself. She loves battling but since getting to LV.30, it has been extremely difficult for her. She knows many powerful moves, and despite her problems, she keeps trying to battle. She usually thinks about how to evolve without going to the pupitar stage, but it stopped by Spinel. Edit

Relationships for Both Edit

Spinel- Jadeites best friend, she travels with him to everywhere, and he helps her make better choices, they may even be in love. They love exploring, but sometimes get carried away. Edit

Oracle- A Minor they met who is a helpful and good new friend. Edit

Jadeite- Spinels best friend, who travels with him anywhere. He is in love with her, and will do anything for her. Edit

Spinel Edit

Description Edit

Spinel is a male Gible who has a bandana on his tail with an implemented mega stone. He is LV.46, but doesn't have the same problem of evolution as Jadeite bit he doesn't think about evolving much. He is red instaid of blue like a regular Gible, and has blue instaid of red. He wishes to fly, but doesn't think about it much. He is powerful in strength, but doesn't like to start battles, unless he gets called a freak, which makes him real angry. When he is in battle, he is very powerful. The reason he is called a freak is because of his coloring, and the horns on his head are more above his eyes, and his eyes being more to the front, giving him more of a hammer head appearance. Edit

Personality Edit

Spinel is a strange Gible who has a diverse set of personalitys. He is shy sometimes, but hates being called a freak. Despite being shy, he is not afraid to speak up, and he tells some great stories. He has an amazing imagination, and he wants to evolve. He can make friends with anyone who is nice and talks to him nicely, but he is friends with if not all, Pokemons of his home guild which he shares with Jadeite, Crystalflower guild. Edit