The Heart Stones are elemental necklaces that have heart shaped gems. There's only one Heart Stone for every type of pokemon there is. The Heart Stones may look and sound like nothing at first but can boost a pokemon's power and stats a lot.

How to activate the Heart Stones' power Edit

  1. Get two pokemon with at least one different typing that have a close relationship like friendship, family, or love. (ex. Vaporeon(water) and Flareon(fire) or Flygon(dragon/ground) and Haxorus(dragon))
  2. Give each pokemon a Heart Stone. (ex. Vaporeon could have the water while Flareon has the fire. Flygon could have the ground while Haxorus has the dragon)
  3. Get the two pokemon to hold hands/paws, touch foreheads, any kind of physical contact.
  4. Watch as rings appear around the pokemons' legs, tail, neck, etc. showing that the powers have been activated. (The farther the pokemon get from each other(not friendship wise) the more the rings will start to fade, they will however become more visible if the pokemon get closer. Once they're far enough the rings will break and they'll have to wait 12 hours to use the Heart Stones again).

Current Heart Stone Holders Edit

These are the holders of the Heart Stones after they were taken back from Power and Thorn.

The necklaces are no longer being handed out by Ruest at the moment.

Normal: Graylight

Fire: Tyker

Water: Whirl

Electric: Storm

Grass: None

Ice: None

Fighting: Vivi

Poison: None

Ground: None

Flying: Cloud

Psychic: None

Bug: None

Rock: None

Ghost: None

Dragon: None

Dark: None

Steel: None

Fairy: Valohenki

Random facts Edit

  • Despite the Heart Stones being certain types it will boosts the power of every move, not just the moves the Heart Stone represents.
  • The Heart Stones were created by an Alakazam 1000 years ago in the Hidden Country during a war when they were losing. After that they were thrown into a pond to be kept safe, yet they were still stolen.
  • It is possible for a trio of pokemon to activate the Heart Stones together but this can rarely ever happen. A good thing if this happens is that when separated if two of the three are still together the rings of those two will stay strong, the one away though will not. A bad thing is that when you're done using the Heart Stone's power it takes 24 hours until you can use them again, not 12.
  • The Heart Stones boost about twice the power of the user. In the RP no one knows what it is exactly except for the original Heart Stone holders from the Hidden Country and the Hidden Guild guild master.