Intro Edit

Hiya! This is my second character, Gyatzo the Pikachu. Just like Deziree, I plan on updating this as time goes on and he gets more figured out.

Description Edit

Gyatzo is a level 18 male pikachu. He has green eyes, and he is a decent size. He likes to hide his emotions, hating when others worry about him, though once he gets figured out, he tends to burst out. Currently in a unofficial team with Deziree they call Team Starfield. When in a tough situation, he isn't afraid to fight, though he's definitely not the best and can fall off fairly quickly. He was once a human, but refuses to tell anyone about it.

Acquaintances Edit

Only knows Deziree at the moment.

Moves Edit

Gyatzo knows these moves:

  1. Thunder Shock
  2. Play Nice
  3. Electro Ball
  4. Thunder Wave