This is a fan/fake Pokemon variant, made for fun and use in this RP only.


Glaucus Goodra is a much more thinly built Pokemon than a traditional Goodra. It has indigo eyes, and a white underbelly with dark blue stripes bordering it. It's back is a light blue and indigo striped pattern.

On its head is two ponytail-like growths, with shorter ones around it, long and slimy like jellyfish tentacles. They writhe around if cut off, but regrow again.

Glaucus Goodra are Dragon/Water type variants, requiring it to live. If they lack water, it will dry and shrivel up. They aren't as strong as traditional Goodras, but are faster.

Notable Glaucus GoodraEdit

None thus far.


  • Glaucus Goodra are based off of the sea slug of a similar name.

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