The Gold Hearts are two pure gold hearts created by Vivi and Valohenki. They have no magical properties, but are likely very valuable and important to them. They are a symbol of love between the duo.

Valo's heartEdit

  • Valohenki's heart was created by his girlfriend Vivi during a mystery dungeon exploration. It was expertly crafted to near perfection thanks to the Combusken's fire. It has 'G & V' carved into one of the sides of the heart. The heart upon being given to Valo, made him truly grateful and happy for once. He even stuttered a bit when he got it, which he never does.

Vivi's heartEdit

  • Genevieve's heart was created by her boyfriend Valo, during their trip to meet her biological parents for the first time. It isn't as well-made as the heart she created, but she holds it dear either way. The letters G and V are carved into it together. This heart holds a lot of important value to her, as one of her treasured belongings already. She also got it on her birthday.