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Glim is a natural coloured female Glameow around the age of seventeen. She seems quite kind to everyone and she loves the thought of being in a relationship. Glim however isn't too kind to those that don't want her getting into one with a certain pokemon. She wears a pink ribbon on her tail and around her neck.

Relationships Edit

Ruest Edit

Glim first met Ruest at a cafe. The two haven't know each other for too long but Ruest already seems to like him a lot.

Cloud Edit

Glim first met Cloud with Ruest and Storm, at a cafe. Glim knows that the Swablu doesn't like her but doesn't say anything about it.

Storm Edit

Glim first met Storm with Cloud and Ruest, at a cafe. Glim thinks Storm is too lazy but is otherwise fine with him.

Spirit(Zorua) Edit

Glim pays little to no attention to Spirit, she also thinks he's Ruest's little brother since he hasn't ever said "papa" when she was around and no one bothered to tell her.

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