Description Edit

Gamma of Bronze is a infamous Rescuer. He is a shiny Haxorus and surprisingly the father of Grim. He fought a lot with his wife, Zeta due to night terrors of his old rescuing days driving Grim away from making any relationship with him. Gamma use to be the leader of a powerful rescue team along with his overconfident ex-best friend, Godly. After a horrible accident both went their separate ways and haven't met since. They also had some weird Bibarel too. Gamma has no active connection with anyone currently. Gamma is level 98. He is a firm believer in the rules of order by Zygarde ever since he originally met the Pokemon. Whispers of a Pokemon like Gamma have been muttered lately. Gamma had awoken and tested his still world destroying powers. After meeting a low grade Zygarde and giving it Cells he went off to find more cells. After more searching and locating of cells he maxed leveled to 100.