Frisk Description Edit

Frisk is a male normal Eevee who at a young age and level of 5 had his parents and older brother were brutally murdered by the demon, Ruby. Ever since this Frisk has been on the run with his sister, Chara. Frisk is incredibly shy and weak but also very friendly. He constantly gets picked on or mistaken as a girl. He is now level 30 and a Sylveon after Chara went on a training spree leveling him up too. He later grew attached to a pokemon named Temmie and decided to help her out of debt.

Chara Desciption Edit

Chara is a female shiny Eevee and Frisk's sister. While the same as Frisk in level and age Chara has extreme blood lust and isn't friendly to those unworthy of her. She vows to someday kill Ruby. Chara has amazing potential for killing unlike her brothers mercy acts. She is now Level 52 and a Espeon after intense training. She believe she has much more until facing Ruby. She later joined Terra Guild under a false team and a false document stating she was older. After much exploring with Grim and Dreca, they were captured and tortured. She was devoted to the Queen of Bats. She overcame it and disappeared and met a master who gave her a new life as Sphx .

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