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Flamethrower is a naturally coloured male Fennekin around the age of 14 or 15. Level 20. He likes to cause mischief now and then and start fights with other pokemon by bothering them. Flamethrower will help a pokemon do something they want to do but are unsure about it by dragging them to go do it, seen as he dragged Pixel around to get her to join the guild.

Relationships Edit

Pixel Edit

Flamethrower likes Pixel a lot. He first met her by stalking her but soon she found him. The two became close friends quickly and talk quite a bit, along with bothering her quite a bit. Flamethrower has a crush on her and it's not to hard to notice, but somehow Pixel is unaware still.

Ocean Edit

Flamethrower doesn't have too much of a relationship with the Vaporeon. He finds her okay.

Pix Edit

Flamethrower plays with the Vulpix/Ninetales every now and then. He likes her and is friends with her.

Graylight Edit

Flamethrower plays with the Eevee every now and then. He likes him, kind of like a little brother.

Spirit(Zorua) Edit

Flamethrower doesn't think much of the baby Zorua at all, just a pokemon that gets babysat by Ocean.

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Flamethrower has no random facts at the moment.