Description Edit

A Guild in Terra Town run by Guildmaster Torterra and Guild Assistant Chatot. The guild's first floor is empty and only serves as an entrance, it's also the only floor aboveground as the other two floors go underground. The second floor is where the Job Request Board is, where you can select the mission you want to do. On the second floor is also the Guild Master's room and the training room. On the third and final floor is where the dining hall and dorm rooms are. There are 10 dorm rooms in total, all are wooden rooms capable of holding about 4 people.

Members of the Earth Guild: Tyker, Whirl, Venom, Wooden, Luck, Ruest, Storm, Cloud, Crass, Grim, Chio, Vivi, Corma, Tari, Patch, Valohenki, Sapphire, Shadow, Ruby, Nightshade, Ace, Puddle, Star, Frost, Lapis, Flamefronds, Voltfleece, Torterra, Chatot, Atlas, Amber, Rogue, and Lon'qu.

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