This is a fake Pokemon made for use ONLY in this RP group.

Calfin Edit

  • Type- Water
  • Gender ratio- 50% Male, 50% Female
  • Stats- Total; 320, HP; 50, Attack; 35, Defense; 45, Special Attack; 66, Special Defense; 50, Speed; 74
  • Ability- Swift Swim, Trickster(HA)
  • Description- Calfin is a small Dolphin-like Pokemon, with large purple eyes, and a light blue body. Its back is a darker blue shade. Its underbelly is white. Calfin are very friendly Pokemon, but rare.
  • Evolution- Evolves into Delphoon at Level 34
  • Height- 2' 01"
  • Weight- 52.6 lbs.

Delphoon Edit

  • Type- Water/Steel
  • Gender ratio- 50% Male, 50% Female
  • Stats- Total; 460, HP; 70, Attack; 65, Defense; 65, Special Attack; 102, Special Defense; 68, Speed; 90.
  • Ability- Swift Swim, Hydration, Trickster(HA)
  • Description- Delphoon is a dolphin like Pokemon. Its back dorsal fin is indigo, with purple eyes. The fins on the end of its tail are purple. It also has a white underbelly. The rest of its body is lighter blue. They are often in larger groups of two to six. Other Pokemon are rivals to them.
  • Evolution- None.
  • Height- 5' 09"
  • Weight- 115.9 lbs.