Introduction Edit

Whelp, here I go. This is the page for my first character, Deziree the Axew.

Description Edit

Deziree is a female Level 12 Axew with bright red eyes. She's fairly short compared to other Axew's, and she doesn't like it being brought up. She was never a human. Currently only in a unofficial team with Gyatzo the pikachu in the team they call Team Starfield. She is usually very timid, but she can occasionally be very outgoing, depending on the person and how she feels. She can be fairly tough to beat in a fight, being fairly agile.

Acquaintances Edit

Deziree currently only really has one friend, and thats Gyatzo, and she enjoys his company.

Moves Edit

Deziree currently knows these 4 moves:

  1. Scratch
  2. Leer
  3. Assurance
  4. Dragon Rage

Extra Information Edit

I plan on updating this as the character progresses, seeing as how short it is.