Reversal Town and The Reversal Mountain Information Edit

Reversal Mountain is a beautiful hollow but tough mountain cavern that holds many beautiful flowers and crystals, trees and mushrooms, and white grass. Reversal Mountain is very far away from the other towns, and is a big secret, as the entrance is hidden. Reversal Town is a big town inside the mountain, with many stores lit up by glowing crystals. Powerful and rare Pokemon live in the town, and all are in harmony, helping each other and living together. Prehistoric pokemons are also in the town. The stores are nicely designed, and in the middle of the town is a pool of water with a floating Crystal. Some pokemons in the town have a different coloration, and the ones born there have secrets the town pokemons are used to. There are different levels on the mountain, which the pokemons living there call upstates. There are many upstates, the top upstate being one of the biggest and holding all the homes of the pokemons. It's also the one that has a waterfall dripping water into the pool of water. It takes about 25 days to get to Reversal Mountain.

Crystalflower Guild Information Edit

Crystalflower guild is very large, about 2 upstates tall, and having a small building to take requests or ask questions on each upstate. The guild master is Ocel the Metagross, with the co master being a Vikabolt called Charger. The pokemons in control of the smaller buildings are psychic, electric and ground pokemons that can get messages around quickly. They have a helpful staff, and help keep the town in harmony.