Non-shiny, used to be joyful. 16 years of age, male, and currently LV31, recently joined a guild with his two friends, Chio and Grim. His father never was there much, and his mother was very over-protective. He had a brother that taught him moves like Drill Run before he was even ready with his level. Left home awhile ago with his childhood friend, Grim, to explore with the guild. He once drank poisoned water, and it did work out well. Mostly.


Chio the Archen. Female. They danced and kissed while they were drunk, like almost every other Pokemon there at the time. She bought him a Power Scarf, which he almost always wears due to it's power increase capability and how he just likes it in general. They know a bit about each other's family.

Grim the Larvitar. Male. They've been best friends pretty much since they were born. Has a weird dark side, and a strange train of thought, but Crass thinks he's the greatest friend to have. He knows a lot about him, but could never guess about the demon lurking in his mind or his rough life. Appear to be drifting apart...

Sapphire the Riolu. Female. Crass has slowly grown interest in the Riolu, after he was almost killed by her sister *Coughaliteraldemoncough*. She was one of the Pokemon who saved him from death by poison, and he spent Valentines with her. After spending time with the Pokemon, he makes a lot of sexual jokes to her. Revealed to be a distant cousin. Still dates her.

Valohenki the Gardevoir. Male. A super sexual Gardevoir that keeps trying to make out with Crass. They don't talk much, though, but they have their miserable moments.

Vivi the Combusken. Female. Dating Valohenki. She has done a lot of weird things, but Crass says she's okay. Better then Valo. They don't talk too much, either. Revealed to be his long lost sister.