Chack is a lvl 98 Sudowodo that comes from Concro Town. There his parents worked as miners, and he was often taken to help them out, which was hard when he was younger but he got used to it, and turned dull as a result. Then a Phany named Alma moved to town with her family. Alma noticed that he only worked in the mine and didn't play like other kids. She introduced him to some fun things, and they eventually became best friends. As Chack got older, he realized he had a passion for fighting. He began to train every day. He eventually heard of the wave guild, and decided he would join it. Before he left, some dark looking Manetric destroyed his home. He tried to fight it off but wasn't strong enough. He knew his parents could pay for a new one, but he vowed revange on the manetric. When he left,  his best friend Alma went with him. Chack is now a powerfull member of the wave guild, and after fighting demons on the 6th, he went off to train even more. he can be found wandering around, carrying his Gem hammer and Pickaxe.


Chack has a very soldier like attitude, and takes combat very seriously. When bothered, he mostly starts off with "Listen pal." He is very quick to fight or train, he also becomes very dedicated to any cuase he's apart of. He can also be considered a mentor to his best friend Alma, though she doesn't fight as much as him. Chack wear a satchel full of gems he got from mining, gems that power up moves. He also has a pickaxe that he carries on his back. If he doesn't see you as wierd or a threat, he's most likely to quickly make friends with you.


Alma the Phanpy- "Chack, not everything's a threat.." Alma has been Chack's best friend since he was younger, And is now his wife. without her he'd be a stiff miner, still workign hard in the mines.

Zen- "I'm just a regular psychic." Chack and Alma met Zen outside the wave guild, and Chack forced him to join them after seeing Zen's ability's.

Other factsEdit

Chack will hit gems with his pickaxe and hamer like a baseball bat as an attack.

Chack likes to sleep on a concrete mattress so that it will make him tougher.

Chacks best weapon is his Gem Hammer. The hammer weighs around 50-60 pounds and is made from power gems. It was also given more power by Zen, making it a terribly strong weapon.