Description Edit

The Bidoof Brigade is a collection of radical Bidoof and Bibarel who feel they are just used and not respected. They have done multiple attacks at important places including explosives and poisonings. They are a strong group despite being Bidoof's are dumb. (OH GOD THEY ARE BREAKING IN! SEND HELP PLEASE!!!!!!)

Notable members of Bidoof Brigade Edit

George The Bidoof: Behind the infamous Guild poisoning.

Joe The Bidoof: Bidoof stalking Chatot at all times for forcing his brother George to blow himself up and he has no notice because of his size.

Bob The Bibarel: The most legendary among them and actually useful one. Level 84. Bob was once in a Rescue team and has beaten 4 different legenday pokemon with them. However Bob was an HM slave only enabling him to use HM moves. Not many people know of his involvement so he isn't considered a criminal.

Fun facts: Edit

They have poisoned the Earth Guild water supply before.

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