Intro Edit

Hello everyone! BunnyDragon8 here, and here is one my characters for the Explorers of Earth rp. Amber! :D Here's a link to my set on Roblox with a short amount of info about her:

Description Edit

Amber is a female eevee with blue eyes. She is slightly taller than normal eevees, and she is almost always seen wearing a green scarf. Amber used to be human, but her human appearance isn't known in the rp. She is based after me. :)

Personality Edit

Amber is warm-hearted and brave. She would risk herself for someone else, which is a weakness because she'd die for one of her friends. Amber is always willing to help out, which gives her the perfect role on a rescue team. She can sometimes be shy, but is mostly outgoing. She likes to goof off sometimes, but has a bit of a temper...

Backstory Edit

Amber as a human, was the trainer of Miku but she woke up with amnesia, and turned into an eevee one day. She met up with Rogue, who was one of her friends as a human. With guidance from Sokeroida, they made it to Shaymin Village. They made Team Light together and joined the guild there. Later, Rogue tried to get Amber to remember her past, and admitted his crush on her. Amber had a crush on him as well so it worked out. One one of the team missions, Amber found a fossil and revived it. Wave came from the fossil and joined the team.