History Edit

Alma is a lvl 68 Donphan who moved to Concro town when she was younger, not much is known about her before that. When Alma moved there, she met a dull hard working Sudowoodo named Chack. She started to talk to him and be friendly towards him, and they became best friends. Alma's past is something she's rather keep to herself. Only Chack knows even a little detail about her before she moved to Conceal town. When Chack decided to join the wave guild, she followed him, with different goals in mind.

Personality/Charecter Edit

Alma is a very nice pokemon, kind to all of her friends and everyone she meets. She is oblvioius to romance or perversion directed towards her, but is quick to notice it about others. Alma doesnt have a problem with fighting, but is kind of lazy about training. She is also very impatient. Alma wears a orange sunbonnet over her head, and has black markings instead of red ones. She currently is taking care of Flick the Noibat, an abandoned baby and former companion of Ronnie,Abby,Shimmer,and Zero.

Relationships Edit

Chack the Sudowoodo - "Alma, we need to talk.." Chack is Alma's closest friend, and romantic partner as they are married now. as they have known each other for a very long time.

Zen - "Can't we wait for our first mission?" Zen is a 4th dimensional bieng that Alma and Chack befriended, and he joined them.

Flick the Noibat - Flick is a baby noibat that Zen left in Alma's care.